BILTONG - Traditional Southern African jerky. Marinated in cloves, coriander and sherry to enhance the natural beef flavour.

DROEWORS - Another Southern African specialty. This is Boerewors dried to a chewy texture, intensifying the unique flavour. (So lekker dit maak jou gala!)

Our own delicious onion chutney ... slightly sweet. Excellent on grilled meats. ...more info
BOEREWORS - An unique taste treat. Beef, pork and lamb
spiced with cloves and coriander. A South African classic.

BRATWURST - A finely textured beef and pork sausage spiced with a hint of ginger and nutmeg.

BREAKFAST - A mild but tasty pork sausage. Lightly spiced with marjoram, cinnamon and sage. Eight small links to a package.

CHORIZO - A peppery pork sausage spiced with fresh garlic, oregano and fennel.

COUNTRY GARLIC - A flavourful mix of pork and bacon. Spiced with mace, mustard seeds, fresh garlic and onion.

FARMER - A mildly spiced pork sausage flavoured with onion and parsley.

HERBED LAMB - 100% lamb flavoured with fresh garlic, lemon and rosemary.

ITALIAN - (Mild or hot) A meaty pork sausage spiced with fresh garlic and fennel seed. Delicious on its own or as the meat component in tomato sauces.

LOUKANIKO - A Greek styled sausage made from pork and lamb. Spiced with fresh garlic, oregano, orange and Retsina. (M)

TUSCAN - A mild pork sausage flavoured with fresh garlic, basil, sun-dried tomatoes and red wine.

LEEK & POTATO CHICKEN - Chicken flavoured with fresh leeks and tender potato chunks. Lightly spiced with a mild hit of black pepper.

CHICKEN MERGUEZ - Spicy North African flavour......coriander seed, allspice, cumin, chilies and fresh garlic.

CRANBERRY SAGE CHICKEN - Appalachian sage spicing with a twist.....bursts of sweet/tart cranberry.

CURRIED CHICKEN - The warm flavours of masala (we make our own) and curry sweetened with raisins and coconut. Spicy but not overly hot.

MOROCCAN CHICKEN - An exotic blend of savoury and sweet flavours.....oregano, fresh garlic, apricots, prunes and black olives.

SAVOURY LEMON GARLIC CHICKEN - Roast chicken flavour in a sausage. Fresh garlic, parsley, green onions with a subtle hit of lemon. Spiced with savoury, oregano and marjoram. ...more info
Great smoky taste......already cooked, ready to eat.

SMOKED ANDOUILLE - Louisiana style smoked sausage. Hot & spicy with lots of fresh garlic.

SMOKED BRATWURST - Same spicing as our fresh Brats.......hints of nutmeg & ginger with subtle smoke flavour.

SMOKED CHORIZO - A peppery pork sausage.......same spicing as our fresh Chorizo but with added flavour from being smoked. A great addition to homemade pizza.

SUPERDOGS - One of our most popular sausages! Pork & beef, mildly spiced. A quick BBQ......also good with cheese and crackers.

PEPPERONI - A well spiced but not overly hot mix of pork & beef. Very tasty.

Similar to our regular pepperoni with a little added sweetness & fresh garlic. (Special order only.)

CHICK - STIX - Our regular pepperoni made with light succulent chicken.

UKRAINIAN - The classic garlic coil. A mild but garlicky lean pork sausage. (Only available at Christmas or by special order.)

HONEY CURED BACON - Slightly sweet streaky bacon (with a good ratio of meat to fat).

SPICED PEPPER BACON - Rubbed with coarse black pepper, thyme, crushed juniper & brown sugar. ...more info